Token Holder Newsletter #2

In this newsletter, we are excited to bring you an update on our progress since our last communication. We are making steady progress towards our APP launch, in fact we now have 2 APPs to launch, the MySmartProperty™ APP and also the MSPT™ Rewards Point APP.

We are progressing with the development of the MySmartProperty™ APP with Oracle Corporation and the Real Estate Revolution will begin in 2019. We have already started research with Real Estate Agents and we have a number of agents booked into the training in Q1 of 2019. Interestingly, they are already seeing an increase in their business after spending just a preliminary one-hour session with Chris which is aimed at increasing their trust and integrity levels with their buyers and sellers. They are all very impatient to have the APP and start the Real Estate Revolution!

Your Reward Awaits...

The MSPT™ Rewards Program - Revolutionising the Loyalty Rewards Industry and changing the way the world does business forever!

Our vision for this program is that users will be able to earn, and spend, rewards points (MSPT™) wherever they are accepted – not just at the business that issued them and their affiliates and with none of the restrictive conditions. So, whether you are traveling, eating, on a shopping spree, having a coffee or buying a house, you will be able to pay with and receive MSPT™ Rewards Points.

The biggest advantage of this is that the rewards points, MSPT™, will be valued by the free market and not set by a company trying to maximize its profit. This means that the price will go up and down based on demand. With a fixed supply, who knows what it will be worth if this takes off worldwide in potentially hundreds of millions of businesses?

In addition, we anticipate that businesses will welcome the program as they will no longer need to administer their own program or carry this liability on their balance sheets.

The MSPT™ Token Rewards Program will be open to all legitimate businesses worldwide as a means to reward and accept payment from customers. The MSPT™ Token can be accepted as a form of payment across all businesses in the Rewards ecosystem.

Thus, every transaction from participating businesses or people buying MSPT™ Rewards Tokens will result in on-market MSPT™ purchases from MSPT™ Token Holders. This creates a Worldwide Ecosystem and Marketplace for MSPT™ – unlike any other Crypto or Loyalty system. As a foundation participant in the Rewards Program, MySmartProperty™ is expected to be one of the biggest purchasers of MSPT™ through worldwide property transactions, commencing in the Australian Property Market in Q1 2019. We are also in discussions with one of Australia’s largest home services franchises about developing their rewards system as the flagship model for this. More news on this next month.

Watch as the executive team explains more about the MSPT™ Rewards Program...

Watch as the executive team explains more about the MSPT™ Rewards Program...

MSPT™ in the media

MySmartProperty™ co-founder, David Jenkins, flew to New York to tape the first in a series of interviews with a Television Program called “New to the Street”.

Watch David’s interview on ‘Exploring the Block’. This interview was taped before we introduced the International Rewards Program and it will be followed up with a series of interviews over the next 11 months. The program showcases exciting companies in Blockchain Technology in a segment called “Exploring the Block”.

Exploring the Block is broadcast on the largest T.V. and social media platforms and appears monthly as a news segment as well as its own stand-alone programming.

Thank You!

We want to thank you again for your support and belief in MySmartProperty™ and MSPT™ and we will keep you informed as the project progresses.

We wish you a safe and enjoyable holiday season with friends and family, and a wonderful 2019!